Every little bit helps.

Please consider registering as a bone marrow donor.

This is something I've been thinking about for a long time, more so lately. I used to donate blood regularly—every eight weeks, like clockwork. My blood is type O negative, which means that it can be given to anyone regardless of their blood type with minimal chance of complications (which is why in shows like ER you hear phrases like "push 2 units of O neg") and CMV negative, which means that it can be given to infants and pregnant women without concerns about them contracting, well, a cytomegalovirus infection. Check the link above for more information; all I know for sure is that it means I get called by the community blood center a lot.

Unfortunately, the last few years I've been busy with work, and usually feeling less healthy than I should (largely, I suppose, because I sit at my desk all day instead of exercising), the upshot being that I donate very, very rarely anymore. I reached my first gallon before I started college, my second some years ago, and am probably nowhere near a third.

That will change.

Week 6, Book 7: A Long Way Down

Hornby, Nick. A Long Way Down. Four people meet on New Year's Eve, on the roof of a building in London, because they've each independently decided to end their lives by jumping. What happens next is, well, the story. It reminded me a lot of About a Boy (the movie, not the book, I'm afraid to admit).


Some fives

Five software packages (not from Apple) that I use every day

  1. Quicksilver
  2. MenuCalendarClock
  3. PulpFiction Lite
  4. jEdit
  5. OpenUp

Five RSS feeds I look forward to reading every day

  1. 365 tomorrows
  2. Kottke
  3. Guy Kawasaki
  4. WWdN
  5. My blog buddy

Five websites that could be my only bookmarks

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Google
  3. IMDb
  4. my del.icio.us
  5. Olathe, KS Public Library

I won't even try to pass this off as yesterday's.

Right after I went to bed last night, I realized I hadn't posted for the 6th. I thought about getting up and either pre-dating a post, or claiming that I was still golden as long as it wasn't midnight on the International Date Line, but then I just went to sleep instead. It's not like I'm going to fire myself for not meeting an arbitrary deadline.

Somehow, we have become the TiVo Rescue Mission. Yesterday, someone posted on Freecycle a Series 1 with a blown modem. Since we already have one of those, I figured, why not make a matched set? This brings our total to four, only one of which is in fully working order. A second one, our original Series 1, we use as a glorified VCR. The other two are in various states of disrepair. One of these days, I need to break out the tools again.


Quick Impressions from the First Half of Super Bowl XL, Minus the First Hour, As Filtered Through TiVo

  1. The Michelob Ultra commercial was good. Not great, but good.
  2. Seattle was robbed. I thought it was obvious that the ball did not break the plane of the goal line. However, the replay judge has to be sure beyond a reasonable doubt, which is why I suspect the ruling on the field was allowed to stand.
  3. How does GoDaddy.com figure that a lame-ass ad like that is going to generate enough US$1.99 domain registrations to pay for itself?
  4. The Sprint ad ("crime deterrent"), on the other hand, made me laugh out loud. I'm still giggling about it. I have four old cell phones sitting on my desk at the moment—now I know what to do with them.
  5. How does a placekick that appears to leave the ground straight, end up curving wide to the right? You're in a dome, so there's no wind. A kick that long is not easy, I'm sure, but damned if it didn't look good until, well, it didn't.
  6. Whoever thought of combining the words "The Rolling Stones" and "live" either should be shot, or commended for his/her sense of humor.
  7. The best ad was easily the promo for Lost. Somebody had a hell of a lot of fun editing that. The Sprint ad comes in second. The various ads for Desperate Housewives get honorable mention. Speaking of which, was someone being intentionally ironic in identifying Edie—who Angela describes as "the trampy one"—with Hef and his girlfriends?