Not another one of those days

All kinds of firsts today, relatively speaking:

  • I had lunch out of the house, with an adult I'm not married to, and talked about work. I don't think I've done this since last December.
  • I replaced the photo black ink cartridge in my wife's printer, and there was a small pool of ink inside the little protective cap, and most of it ended up on my hands. For future reference, Canon BCI-6BK ink does not wash off with soap and water. Neither does it succumb to rubbing alcohol. I'm going to give acetone a try later, but I'm starting to think that I'm stuck looking like I have a skin disease for the next month or so. If there's a silver lining, it's that Halloween is coming up.
  • I got a phone call from our state governor, and I hung up on her. Okay, it was a prerecorded message, and it was whatever is the telephone equivalent of spam, and it was on my work phone, which I haven't registered with the no-call list as I just recently had it installed. I can't remember if I voted for her or not—there's something painfully American in that admission, isn't there?


Fellowship 9/11

A few more of these, and people are going to think I do nothing but watch movies on the Internet....

Fellowship 9/11—how Michael Moore might have done The Lord of the Rings. (Is it just me, or is there more than a passing resemblance between Michael Moore and Peter Jackson?)

Try loading the movie through Coral if the first one doesn't work. You'll also need QuickTime.

Thanks to Darren Barefoot for the link.



This short movie (or try loading it from CoralCache if that's slashdotted) is laugh-out-loud funny and a little scary at the same time. I suspect that this scenario isn't all that far-fetched for some people.

(Apologies to whomever I got this link from. I'd give you credit if I could remember which blog I read it on.)

Update. A friend of a friend tells me that this is from The Brendan Leonard Show, which until this season ran on ABC Family, but (of course) has since been cancelled. A little bit of Googling reveals that Brendan Leonard is up to new hijinx at http://campjinx.pictureshowfilms.com/ .