Brewing update

The Munich lager turned out tasty. It's been in the bottle only about a week and a half, so it still needs some more carbonation time. I hope I still have a bottle of Bob's 47 sitting around to compare it to.

I bottled my seventh batch tonight. It's supposed to be a knockoff of Shiner Bock, but judging from the details I can glean from the website for the real thing, it's not very close. However, the important thing (as with all homebrew) is whether or not it tastes good.

Finally, there's another 5 gallon batch of pale ale in the primary fermenter. I finally figured out why I couldn't lauter out of my mash tun (I never blogged about that, did I?) and fixed it, though I had to remove all of the mash from the tun first. The starting gravity was a little low, but not as bad as the previous batch. (I never blogged about that, either.) I'll add details for posterity tomorrow (okay, later today).