This may seem insignificant at first: I'm posting this from my basement.

"So what?" Well, I mentioned a few posts back that I'm finally running wires into my office. I'm plugged into the first one, and this means that the line works.


I transferred the Kansas City Pale Ale to the secondary fermenter today, and pulled a sample for testing and tasting. The specific gravity is still high—1.019, compared to a final gravity of 1.010-1.014 according to the recipe—but since I didn't take a starting gravity reading, I really don't know how far along it is.

As I suspected, it's very hoppy. When I was siphoning the hot wort into the primary fermenter, first the siphon broke, then the siphoning equipment broke. There's a long story behind that, but I'll summarize by saying that my lovely bride fixed it with a piece of thread and a twist tie. By the time we finished transferring into the fermenter, the hops had been sitting in the hot wort for an additional 15 minutes or so. You can definitely taste the result; it's not undrinkable, but I think it's hoppier than the style calls for.