Brewing update

The Munich lager is happily bubbling away in the garage, where the ambient temperature is currently more favorable to lager yeast. It sometimes swings a little higher than the recommended 50°-55°F, but seems to be averaging around 54°F. As temperatures outside warm up, I guess I'll have to move lager fermentation to the basement.


Brewing update

Gearing up for this year's BrewFest. One of the beers I'm trying to make is a Munich-style lager, similar to Bob's 47 from Boulevard. I cobbled together what I thought would be a reasonable starting recipe and brewed a 2½ gallon batch tonight, during the Oscars broadcast.

I'm still having problems getting decent efficiency from my mash. The temperature consistently read low, but for all I know that could be due to a faulty thermometer. Starch conversion was complete, but the starting gravity was a lot lower than it should of been, so I threw in a half pound of light DME to boost it. The color's a little lighter than I'd like, so next time I'll add more crystal malt.