How time flies

My local development server has twice in recent days lost track of the current time. The first time it happened, I only noticed because Maven complained with a bizarre error when I tried to run it. After Googling and digging and whatnot, I finally decided to reboot the machine. It wasn't until after that that I noticed that the system time had been off. I made sure that Webmin was set up to sync the clock from an NTP server, and filed it away in the "how often does that happen" category.

Well, it just happened again. Again, it was the bizarre error from Maven that tipped me off. This time, I had the sense to check the system time before rebooting, and sure enough, apparently I'd slid back to 1970 when I wasn't looking. I went into Webmin to force an NTP resync and noticed that the hardware clock was still correct; only the system clock was wrong. Webmin has the ability to set the system clock from the hardware clock, which I did, and was promptly booted out of Webmin because:

Session timed out after 54069110 minutes of inactivity.

102 years, 10 months, 13 days, 15 hours, and 15 minutes passed when I wasn't paying attention? No wonder I'm feeling old. :-)


60/- Scottish Ale

I bottled the 60/- Scottish ale tonight. The gravity and ABV were right where they're supposed to be, at least according to the BJCP guidelines. It's hard to tell by taste at this point (since it's not carbonated, and warm) but it's malty rather than hoppy -- not a rich malty like an Oktoberfest, but a clean malty.

That reminds me... I need to check the keg of Oktoberfest to see if it's carbonated yet, or if (as I suspect) I have a slow leak in the keg that keeps it from holding pressure.

Frankenstein revisited

It wasn't the inverter board. Now I'm working on the assumption that it's the backlight. I found a replacement relatively cheap on the Internet; it was shipped as a working backlight attached to a shot display. (Given that the backlight is about 11 inches long and about 2mm in diameter, I suppose it was the only safe way to ship it.) Now I just have to make time to tear the laptop apart.