How 'bout that. Amazon has posted its top 50 books for 2003, and I just finished reading #3 last weekend.


We had quite the multimedia weekend.

In print, I not only finished Jarhead by Anthony Swofford, but also Kim by Rudyard Kipling. On the nightstand now is Ring of Truth by Nancy Pickard.

On what NTK would call the "Red Book audio" front, I went to Half Price Books to get a Louis L'Amour paperback to put in a geocache (it's a long story; follow the links if you're really that interested) and came away with two CDs from the clearance rack. I remember hearing Amanda Marshall's Birmingham on the radio when it first came out, and I'm surprised and happy to say that it's not the strongest track on her first, self-titled album. I also got The Promise by T'Pau—I've only listened to it once, and so far I think it's not quite as strong as their first album, but I think it will grow on me.

At the other end of the 5" polycarbonate disc spectrum, we rented Jungle Book 2 (if it's possible for a performance by animated characters to be phoned in, this was it—but our daughter enjoyed it, which is really all that matters), Identity (I actually figured out the twist about a minute and a half before they revealed it, which was faster than for other movies, but on the other hand, like The Crying Game, the twist wasn't the whole story), and The Matrix Reloaded (which my wife claims to have enjoyed, at least until she fell asleep; she hasn't seen the first one, and apparently my thirty second synopsis wasn't good enough to keep her from still being confused).