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Auto-summarizing for fun, if not profit

Jason Kottke has posted a 100-word summary of Lawrence Lessig's book Free Culture, as produced by Microsoft Word's AutoSummary function. That got me to thinking, what would other books look like, condensed to 100 words?

I mentioned this in an IM conversation with a friend, who has Word installed on his computer. He supplied this 100-word summary of Moby Dick:

"WHALE. "WHALE. WHALE,               ICELANDIC. 
WHALE,               ENGLISH. 
WHALE, 1839. 
whale himself.  man.  whale-hunters.  men.  man!  man?  WHALE. 
Whale.  whales; bunched whales; under-jawed whales and rostrated whales, are 
Greenland whale.  whale-ship at sea.  whale yet.  white whale.  men.  men.  white whale, shirr! whaling.  the whale.  whale.  whales.  sperm whale.  Whaling Scenes. 
the whale.  the whale.  whale." 
Whale's head.  Whale's head. 
Whale's case. 
the whale.  whale's head?  Whales.  this whale." 
"WHAT whale?" 
sick whale!  men. 
whale?  whales.  whale. 

Man, man! 
man.  hated whale.  "The whale!  "The whale, the whale!  grinning whale!  whale!   

I'm looking for a comparable function in OpenOffice, so I can start posting other summaries.

Still slacking

Yes, I promised some posts earlier. No, I haven't posted them yet. I will. Someday. Maybe.